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A close-up of hands on a car steering wheel

Defensive Management

Remember learning to drive? Oh, the joy… Steely resolve as you nervously clutched the wheel, the front of the car peeking hesitantly out of the driveway. Hypervigilance on full display as you scanned busy...

Elizabeth Holmes

The Deadliest Leadership Sin: Pride

The seven deadly sins were originally articulated in Christianity, but represent universal hazards. One is particularly dangerous for leaders: pride. In the right amount, it breathes wind into our sails. In excess, it feeds...

A pen lies next to a blank tick box with the words "I agree" next to it

Consensual Leadership

Consensual authority is an age-old idea: if authority is wielded arbitrarily, eventually it fails. People need to consent to authority for it to be legitimate and effective. Otherwise, you end up with autocracy. Consensual...