A headshot of Alanis Morisette

Randomly Problematic

How do you solve a problem like “problematic”? The word has become a universal shortcut for describing something as having a problem, without actually specifying the problem. It also makes you sound more erudite...

Facebook's logo

It’s Time to Regulate Facebook

Calls for the breakup of Facebook are reaching a fever pitch. The social network has come under fire for its flagrant disregard for privacy and security, for allowing everyone from anti-vaxxers to Russian hackers...

Screen shot of Canadian minister Navdeep Bains

Unpacking Canada’s New Digital Charter

On May 16, Canada unveiled its digital charter, which appears to be (perhaps unsurprisingly) more policy paper than charter. In fact, it reads more like a shopping list of programs already funded and “coming...

A cat yawning

Becoming Bored

“75% of your shared data data has been used.” Thank goodness for automatic alerts, I thought, so that I don’t go over my cellphone’s data limit and incur stratospheric overage costs. Plenty of time...

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