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Social media fail: the Twitter icon bird, upside down with an "X" for an eye.

Giving up on Social Media

Social media has been very good to me. I’ve worked with it for the better part of the last ten years at large corporations, small non-profits, universities and more. I’ve taught social media marketing...

A laser beam apparatus

Why Canada Will Fail at Innovation

A recent Globe & Mail article described the stark choices facing commodity producers such as Canada in a world where commodity prices have been depressed for years, and look to remain so for the near future....

A man in a baseball cap on a fun, pumping his fist

Bots will disrupt recruiting in four to seven years

Social media, bots and why you’d better start coming up with content right now. Facebook announced a new strategic priority last week: bots. It’s doubling down on the technology, predicting that bots will start replacing apps...