Elements of Strategy, Part 1: The Essence of Strategy

A photo of Peter Drucker at a desk in front of a shelf of books
The late, great Peter Drucker (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Drucker5789.jpg)

Part one of a series, “Elements of Strategy.” Check back each Monday for more insights.

Strategy is as much about inspiration and vision, as it is about analyzing an organization and its challenges. Strategy relies on competitive scans, timelines, tactics, etc., but it needs to focus on one thing above all else…


An organization’s culture is the biggest factor in any strategy’s success. To quote management guru Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Successful strategies incorporate and reflect an organization’s culture, the limitations it imposes and the opportunities it affords.

Culture is in no small way a reflection of leadership. That’s why successful strategies engage the support of senior leadership, and align with their priorities.

Similarly, strategy articulates a vision for change, but it doesn’t drive change: engaged, empowered people do. A successful strategy depends not only on an organization’s ability to embrace change, but its ability to empower its employees to make changes in their everyday work.

Finally, a strategy is never “done.” It’s a living thing that continues to evolve as an organization does, as the digital landscape changes, and as its authors grow in their understanding of an organization’s opportunities and challenges.

Culture and change are the essence of strategy: does your strategy embrace them?

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