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Elements of Strategy, Part 5: The Walking Dead

Part five of a series, “Elements of Strategy.” Check back each week for more insights. I remember seeing a contract posting for a digital strategist, which was pretty formulaic, except for one line: “Once...

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Elements of Strategy, Part 2: The Digital Divide

Part two of a series, “Elements of Strategy.” Check back each Monday for more insights. Digital communications have flipped the relationship between audience and messenger: audiences are in control of how they’re communicated to,...

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Top 10 Strategy Secrets

Creating a great strategy isn’t rocket science, but it has its secrets…. Strategy is never about technology, mission statements or org charts: it’s about people and culture. Peter Drucker said “Culture eats strategy for...

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The Secret to a Great Strategy

A great strategy does several things which aren’t obvious to a junior strategist: It takes account of an organization’s power structures, the ones that set direction, make the big decisions, and which need to...

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