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A hand raise in a blocking motion, with a red circle around it and a red slash bisecting it

Pooh-Pooh Culture

It’s insidious. It undermines trust, saps initiative and likely already infects your workplace: welcome to pooh-pooh culture. Wikipedia defines “pooh-poohing” as “a fallacy in informal logic that consists of dismissing an argument as being...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau vs. The Culture of Change

Corporate Culture doesn’t shift; it rolls over with a thud During his election campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to bring openness and transparency to Canadian government. Only now are his lieutenants coming to terms with what...

Exterior of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

The virtual museum

While I was working at the Royal Ontario Museum a few years ago, Google introduced its Art Project, which became the Google Cultural Institute, a platform for showing the contents of the world’s great...