About me: from programming to prognostication.

I’m a digital strategist based out of Toronto, Canada. I began life as a programmer, and wrote my first code at age eight in the late ’70s. It didn’t do much: it parsed simple text commands to understand the difference between “Go north” and “Grab torch.” (pretty much the cutting edge of computer games at the time) Dad wasn’t impressed; I was.

I graduated university with English and journalism degrees, worked in PR for a couple of years and then got back into programming as a web designer / developer in the late ’90s when Netscape Communicator and HTML 3.2 were driving the dot-com boom. Years later I got hooked by social media, then online communications and marketing, which is where you find me today.

I’m passionate about two things: learning and slaying sacred cows. You’ll find a lot of both on this site. I also like to read the digital world’s tea leaves, predicting what’s going to sink and swim in social media, the apps I see thriving and dying, and so on.

Drop me a line at twitter.com/markus64 and tell me what you’re learning or what sacred cows you want to see breathe their last. To find out more about me and my experience, check out my social media and digital marketing resume and some of my speaking experience.

All opinions expressed here are purely my own and do not represent the opinions or views of any employers, past or present.

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